Happening in Los Angeles

This event happened in the past


Cinco De Mayo Very Cherry Cabaret

The Cinco de Mayo Very Cherry Cabaret is just the thing to shake off the bad vibes drunk out of towners celebrating Mexico’s loss of land to the USA. Get a shot or two at the bar and escape with us! Picture yourself in Vegas or the Moulan Rouge! But in east L.A! Imagine fancy acts! but really dumb. Think of SEXY! …but something is off. Picture profound and skillful! but also like “why does it exist?” Imagine bulletproof but, like, relaxed. It’s the Cinco de Mayo Very Cherry Cabaret!

Hosted by Cherry Red (Veronica Osorio) she takes you to the Cherry Underworld where sensuality and being a dumb bitch are currency, love is free and being a circus freak is well, just the thing. Sit back, relax and enjoy weird acts, character performers, comedy and maybe a weirdo act or two. And, in the end, Cherry will delight you with her gorgeous skills of being a lover girl.

Come to the Cabaret, it happens once in a lifetime only as the Cherry Red, The Devil’s Twisted Sister, can only come up from the underworld a few days a year. Cherry Red used to be the Cherry Goddess hottest angel/dumbest bitch™ until she became too thirsty for main character energy. But today, on the anniversary of capitalism, she’s allowed to roam the earth.