Happening in Los Angeles

Calvin Love / Frankiie / Holy Matter / Poetry by Harley Cortez / DJ Jeffertitti
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Calvin Love / Frankiie / Holy Matter / Poetry by Harley Cortez / DJ Jeffertitti

Calvin Love returns with Lavender, the follow-up to the Canadian crooner’s 2020 LP, Night Songs. A reflective timeline of dusty folk, Lavender aims to capture the modern loneliness of the 21st century. A sorrowful soundtrack, inspired by the production of great crooners and folk artists of the 60s/70s/80s like Cohen, Lightfoot, and Nick Drake, to name a few, Love achieves a similar quality on Lavender.

Like a Chris Isaak trapped in a David Lynch film, Love’s haunted vocals guide the listener through poetic verses on the archetypes of love and truth, posthumous poetry by his grandfather circa 1930s, and escapism, all melting and flowing into a pool of celestial wisdom. Acoustic guitars sweep across desolate sonic landscapes of global narcissism, social media, and the universal need for connection. Hypnotic bass grooves and lush 3D string ensembles, wrap the listener in a familiar cinematic romance, embraced and mystified. Lavender explores the universal threads that make us feel and experience what we do, in a time when the need to peer into ourselves has never been more important.

Lavender draws you inwards, like staring up at the stars at night, or standing alone with the silence of the forest, Lavender wants you to find your own meaning.