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Brett Gelman: Raw and Unfinished

Come join Brett Gelman’s cult — oops! Sorry, I meant, come see Brett Gelman’s new work in progress “Raw and Unfinished”.

Witness Brett’s unnecessarily tortured process as he creates his brand new show before your very eyes. You will witness unfinished comedy bits. Some of which need fine tuning. Some of which will be created for the first time on the spot in real time. All of which will surely penetrate your subconscious in the deepest and most frightening of ways.

Not only that, as Brett performs YOU will have the opportunity to participate in an overly critical and irresponsibly judgmental Q & A, where you will be able to give Brett feedback and help Brett make his work of genius, even geniuser. And hopefully make it the most geniusest show that’s ever been. This will be the equivalent to giving Jesus Christ notes for his famous speech, Sermon on the Mount.


  • Ari Dayan
  • Cyrus Ghahremani
  • John Gemberling
  • Gil Ozeri