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Bling / Mo0d / Castle Pastures
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Bling / Mo0d / Castle Pastures

bling is a rock band based in Los Angeles.

Their debut EP ‘****’ was released in July 2023, and is an easy blend of noise, punk, and art rock.

Mo0d is a free jazz band based out of Los Angeles. With just a little over a year under their belt; Mo0d has played prominent art spaces, notable venues, and released their self-titled Lp “Mo0d Lp” in August. Mo0d is forever changing and no Mo0d is the same. The main focus is to be an installation, ultimately room reading and playing how the Mo0d “feels” is the experience. Mo0d’s members fluctuate, but its main group is Aaron Longsleeves, Satchel Brown, Andres Aragundi, and Ruby.

Pasture Castle Started in 2018 as a new solo project by writer Matthew James-Wilson, Castle Pasture blends upfront confessional songwriting with abstract and dynamic production. Incorporating samples, phone recordings, and home studio tracking, Castle Pasture's early releases were sonic experiments designed to support James-Wilson’s previous singer/songwriter approach. His second full length, Worn by Wind, from 2022 was the first time working with an engineer in a studio and attempting to write music for a full band. Now enlisting drummer and 2070 bandleader, Trevor Coleman, and Michael Vidal of Abe Vigoda and Cupid + Psyche on bass, Castle Pasture will begin a new chapter performing with a full band line up. With their extensive backgrounds as songwriters and performers, Coleman and Vidal are contributing new original material for the next release.