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1 hour. 20+ comedians. No hosts. All bits. And by bits we mean quick characters, impressions, clowning, short ideas, and whatever other fun weird stuff these comedians want to do. It’s a monthly showcase of teammembers from every house sketch comedy team at the Pack along with special guests. It’s the fastest moving monthly comedy show in LA. It’s BITHOLE!


Andres Pareda (Groundlings Sunday Company, UCB, Pack)

Max Hawksford (UCB Maude)

Leroy Patterson (America's Got Talent, FOX ADHD, Giphy)

Bobby Ramos (Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, AOK)

Katie Balen (The Tonight Show, Yuppie)

Dominique Johnson (Dreamboat, AOK)

Eric Moneypenny (The Eric Andre Show, FOX ADHD, AOK)

Caroline Cummings (The Pack, The Elysian)

Ian Zandi (The Onion)

Luke Dellorso (Kissyface)

Sarah Lento (Popwich)

Garrett Mendez (CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Redacted)

Kenny Gray (Wiggle Room)

Michael Skarsten (Dreamboat, AOK)

Margarita Brighton (Toronto Sketchfest, Montreal Sketchfest, Party Line)

Mitch McMahon (Yuppie)

Miles Roberts (Pack Sketch Team Alum, PDA)

Devin Sanclemente (Kickball, The Annoyance, iO Chicago)

Molly Kauffman (Bithole)

Riley McGrath (Kickball)

Kevin Nelson (Corner Booth)

Libby Smith (Strawberries, Lotsa Jokes)

Christian B. Schmidt (Kickball)

Elissa Marcus (Pack Improv)

Produced by ERIC MONEYPENNY (The Eric Andre Show, FOXADHD, AOK, The Midnight Show)

Produced by Eric Moneypenny (The Eric Andre Show, FOX ADHD, AOK, The Midnight Show)