Happening in Los Angeles

This event happened in the past


Audition to be on Tim Lamphier’s Improv Team

Tim Lamphier has been improvising for over 20 years and graduated from all the major improv programs (and many minor ones) and has decided he wants to put together the best improv team of all time. And what worse way to do this than forcing all of his friends of the last 20 years from Chicago, New York and LA to do an improv audition for a coveted slot on the team with… Tim Lamphier(me).

CAST: Chris Fleming, Jo Scott, Bill Stern, Rachel Kaly, George McCallaugh, Charlie Smith, Danny Catlow, Tim Lyons, Caroline Cotter, Juliet Prather, Jeff Murdoch, Nate Varrone, Jordan Lee Cohen, Alison Banowsky, Alex Honnet, Emma Pope, Jesse Kendell, Anna Garcia, Thomas Kelly