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Astrologer / Uni Boys / Billy Tibbals
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Astrologer / Uni Boys / Billy Tibbals

Astrologer are an art-minded pop ensemble from the Sonoran Desert. Led by Andy and Candy Cline, Astrologer's music encompasses several veins of rock music including power pop, glam, and new wave. With a little help from their friends like Don Bolles of the Germs and Wyatt Blair, the guitar-adventurers aim to craft timeless music for all rock fans.

Sprouting from the middle-class suburban wasteland of Aliso Viejo, CA, the boys confused by the futility of their daily lives began to envelop their day-to-day routine with the study and discovery of new music — primarily Rock ‘n’ Roll. Forming at the age of 15, they battled with establishing a sound. When faced with this challenge, they decided to combine all their favorite aspects of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Moving from London to Hollywood back in 2014, Billy Tibbals quickly found a love for the city and its esoteric, debauched history. Combining this with his childhood obsession with British rock and roll, surrealist literature, and musicals from the 1940’s, Billy’s music presents a unique and fantastical view of the world around us. As a part of the exciting new wave of rock and roll music emerging from Los Angeles, Billy hopes to inspire the youth to get off their phones and come join in with the fun. It’s only just begun!