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Art is Life is Art

On Friday, February 23rd, Nihil & Friends returns to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater with Art is Life is Art: A, B, Cryptozoology! An evening exploring Cryptids, Paranormal, and Mythological Creatures.Featuring ‘Relic,’ a Victorian Magic Lantern Phantasmagoria show by CalArts experimental animator Melissa Ferrari. Magic Castle Magician & Puppeteer, Michael Serwich, our host, the harrowing clown, and sometimes Sasquatch, Natasha Mercado. The elfin-magical folk singer and composer Ricky Berger. An “interpretive active-listening session” from cryptid-lover and documentary filmmaker Brad Abrahams, set to a live score from LA-based composer McKenzie Stubbert and harpist Jackie Urlik. With short films from Asuka Lin, Brad Hock, Darren Pasemko, and Charles Pieper. And, of course, the Bob Baker Marionettes with a special cryptid of our own