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Anastasia Coope / Green-House / Syko Friend
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Anastasia Coope / Green-House / Syko Friend

BAMM BAMM presents Anastasia Coope, celebrating her new release on Jagjaguwar, Darning Woman. Green-House and Syko Friend open the night.


Coope’s forthcoming debut, Darning Woman, is a rich tapestry of surrealist psychedelia that evokes a precipice beyond the material world. Like a dispatch from another past, or a memory pressing up against the veil, it’s unmoored in space and time: ghostly, spectral, far-out folk. Here, Coope creates whirling layers of expressive, stratified vocals, suggesting lost lullabies contorted into alluringly strange, staccato shapes.

A slew of cultural touchstones informs Coope’s approach to music making: the avant-garde art-rock of the ‘80s; Trish Keenan or Su Tissue or Brigitte Fontaine; medieval choruses and church choirs; contemporary folk; the romantic close-harmonies groups of the ‘50s; Meara O'Reilly’s Hockets for Two Voices.

Like her paintings, drawings, and mixed media artworks, Anastasia Coope’s songwriting yields an esoteric distance. It’s the feeling of the work pushing back on you, inviting you to see and feel, rather than know. Yet, for all that’s arcane here, Darning Woman is rooted deeply in the things we can touch.