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Alyssa Sabo Presents: To Liver Die In LA

Alyssa Sabo was put into a medically induced coma in 2011 when doctors found that she was in complete liver failure due to a rare genetic disease. She woke up from the coma two weeks later with a brand new liver and a desire to MAKE JOKES IMMEDIATELY. (Jk, but not really). Come experience a night of DARK COMEDY where Alyssa is joined by her funny comedian friends who have also come close to almost dying. FUN!!! (This could be a great first date night or a show to see right before you break up with someone.)Standup from Todd Glass and Cam Gavinski, improv based on the audience’s stories of almost dying with Lyndsey Frank and Rob Scerbo, music by Jeremy Olson, and most importantly FUN TIMES because we are ALIVE.

Featuring: Alyssa Sabo, Todd Glass, Cam Gavinski, Rob Scerbo, Lyndsey Frank, Jeremy Olson