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Alice Sandahl (La Luz) / Julia Julia (The Coathangers) / Sun Kiss
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Alice Sandahl (La Luz) / Julia Julia (The Coathangers) / Sun Kiss

On solo debut Bright and Blue, Alice Sandahl (La Luz) excavates with unvarnished vulnerability themes of loss, grief, and hope for the future with keyboard-driven music that combines pop, jazz, and the Great American songbook—Nina Simone meeting Harry Nilsson in a smoky bar anywhere in the world. Known for her work with Seattle-formed La Luz, Alice gives us a glimpse into her personal world with her solo work now available on vinyl.

Recording artist Sun Kiss released his first EP Bad Dreams (Blossom Records) in 2019. For Los Angeles based songwriter and producer Marcus Buser, this new solo project began as a refreshing creative outlet—something separate from his work touring with indie rock bands and playing jazz in LA bars. His production and arrangement style draws from a rich musical background, bringing together elements of Indie Rock, RnB, 60s pop, and jazz.

Julia, Julia is the moniker for Julia Kugel, founding member of garage punk icons The Coathangers and the dream pop duo Soft Palms. On her first solo full-length album Derealization, Kugel shifts her focus from collaboration and band dynamics towards a singular artistic vision and private self-discovery. Derealization finds Julia playing almost all the instruments and taking her first stab at engineering as well. Her debut solo album is out September 30, 2022 on Suicide Squeeze Records.