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Adron / Bart Davenport
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Adron / Bart Davenport

Adron, Atlanta-raised LA-based musician, blends otherworldly whistling, kaleidoscopic guitar, and creamy vocals. Influenced by global pop, especially Brazilian music, her journey started with classical piano but led to self-taught guitar. She's collaborated with artists like Helado Negro and Prefuse 73. After two albums, she brightened lockdown with "Song About My Computer." Now, she's touring the US, gearing up for her LP The Trickster and a moodier collection titled Peru.

Bart Davenport, a versatile musician, blends mod, blues, and soft rock in his eclectic singer-songwriter style. With a timeless crooner voice, he crafts romantic odes and enigmatic tales, often reflecting contemporary themes. Based in Los Angeles, his latest album Episodes on Tapete Records revives 60s baroque pop. A veteran of the music scene, he's known for solo performances and collaborative projects like "Bart & The Bedazzled."