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Acorn Series No. 6
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Acorn Series No. 6

Music for Connection is an experimental electroacoustic ensemble making hybrid performance/installation pieces that adapt in space and emphasize audiovisual improvisation and impulse.

In May, the band will celebrate the release of Coincidence, a new album recorded with Laraaji and Agnes Martian.

Agnes Martian is the soundtrack for a planetarium that charts your inner space. The collaboration grew out of a weekly ritual of deep listening and collective cosmic exploration. Each iteration of Agnes Martian has retained an interest in repetition, improvisation, and spontaneity.

M.A. Tiesenga is a composer, visual artist, sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, and improviser who uses expanded notation systems as inquiries into new sonic and relational possibilities. Tiesenga’s work allows both object and performance to be experienced as modular, living landscapes that reflect the people and spaces that engage them.

Corey Fogel is a drummer and artist living in LA. His practice is based in momentary encounters between music and objects, textiles, foods, and other collaborators. Fogel engages the viewer to considering sound as a medium on par with paint and cellulose, a constant in our daily lives challenging us to consider the contexts in which we create, store, and understand sound.

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