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Núria Graham / Kathleen

When she closed Marjorie’s family photo album, Núria Graham was left with the feeling that her singer-songwriter lineage only represented part of her, and she decided to look for herself elsewhere. There were physical and, above all, aesthetic shifts: when the songs began to come, they did so with the piano as the fundamental instrument, but with room for a bassoon, a double bass, string arrangements… From all this came Cyclamen, an album that does not negate Graham’s previous profiles, but which shows its author as she is now, with all the emotion of having discovered herself in an unexpected place.

An artist infinitely fascinated by the natural world, Kathleen creates music as unpredictable as nature itself: serene as well as explosive and ineffably dazzling. As a child growing up in the Rocky Mountains, she began writing songs at age seven and later studied poetry in college, steadily carving out a truly singular songwriting voice that merges her ultra-vivid storytelling with idiosyncratic observation. Now based in Los Angeles, in addition to her artist-facing project on Warner Records, Kathleen is also an avid writer and collaborator with others, specializing in imaginative and pleasantly unpredictable melodies, lyrics and topline.