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Jonny Kosmo / Kacey Johansing / Low Sky / DJ Dent May

Jonny Kosmo, the Los Angeles (via New England) registered therapist and home recordist is a card carrying expert in the shape of your desire & the horizon of meanings your dreams catalyze. In his briefcase lives his weapons grade kaleidoscope, a 1972 mayfair recorder, and a neatly folded pair of pants that fits seamlessly to the shape of your longing. Jonny has been described as David Lynch’s Dr. Jacobi meets Stevie Wonder teaming up to make a new brand of funky golden shovels to “dig yourself out of the shit”. His armchair prescriptions for the zeitgeist hover ever present on his most recent LP Pastry which hits you Like 69 cc of heady nostalgia for a time he never lived in.