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Eshu Tune presents the Isola Sessions

I used to host a weekly show for years in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory and I had a great time doing it. Recently I went back to NYC to host and perform at the closing night of the space and it took me back to the times and how fun it was to run a weekly night. The consistency and community helped drive the work and creativity. I’ve lived in LA since 2019 and I’ve probably done less than 10 performances here. It’s weird. I don’t know why. It’s way easier to just stay in the house out here sometimes. So now, I’m booking myself for at least six. There will be special guests. We have Kiefer on October 3th and Open Mike Eagle on October 10th. It’ll be 2-3 music acts and 1-2 comedians each night. We’ll probably have jam sessions, who knows what else. I’m excited to be doing these and if you’re in the area, I hope you can make it.

-Hannibal Buress