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Paco Casanova / Holy Pink / System Exclusive

PACO CASANOVA: Catalyzed by the other worldly influence of Zeuhl in bands such as Magma, Kōenji Hyakkei, and Mats and Morgan Band, Paco Casanova’s musical inclinations have always tended towards the avant-garde. This is exemplified in his unhinged compositions for Zeuhl torch-bearing band, Corima; his improvisational collaborations with Saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi in Nakata; and within the layers of deranged electronic effects crafted for art-punk band Prettiest Eyes. Paco’s latest work, featured in his debut solo album, 1Up!, synthesizes these sounds with a longstanding passion for classic video game music. With comparisons drawn to the likes of Kraftwork and Yellow Magic Orchestra, 1Up! combines tasteful and organic melodies while carving a vibrant landscape over 4/4 beats. It’s not that he’s rejected his most unconventional sensibilities – there are avant nods tucked into these tracks – it’s that he’s letting us see beyond them. This is the kosmische video game soundtrack that maps the inside of Paco’s head. It seems a musical life spent inside out eventually turn itself outside in.

HOLY PINK: Holy Pink are a duo based out of Los Angeles. Anna Wallace and Timothy Murray explore variations of kosmische , psychedelia, and drone music using moogs, operatic vocals, vocoders and samples.

SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE: Ari Blaisdell and Matt Jones are System Exclusive: a Pasadena based two piece band bearing an armful of mini synths, making heart-throbbing capital P pop cut with more than a hint of post-punk. Blaisdell’s vocals hearken back to openhearted 80’s hitmakers unafraid to quaver in the name of love, and they’re buoyed by Jones’ laser-gridded synth concoctions and heavy hand on the ones and twos.