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Protected Under Parody: An Alamo Drafthouse Sketch Show

Come on down to Alamo Drafthouse for a very special sketch show mashing up two of Hollywood’s most beloved movies— Empire Records and Donnie Darko. A match made in heaven.

Not only will these movies be parodied, but they’ll be mashed up by our genius squad of comedians for a double feature comedy creature extravaganza. Nothing could ever make more sense. Why hasn’t anyone thought of doing this before?!


Jonathan Lipnicki

Written & Performed by:

Ekeme Ekanem

Eli Leonard (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Elijah Taylor

Ian Abramson (Conan)

Ian Farley

Jon Barnett

Matt Catanzano (Above Average Productions, College Humor)

Luke Rampersad

Natasha Mercado (Adult Swim)

Nikki Black

Victor Torres

Produced by:

Brent Butler