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Low Hum / CARRÉ / President Drone

  • President Drone (Los Angeles) is the brilliant child of Andrés Villalobos. When he isn’t writing and performing with James Supercave, he is crafting the dystopian nightmare that is President Drone. A mirror for the modern times we find ourselves in, President Drone is an immersive experience of light and sound you don’t want to miss.
  • CARRÉ (Los Angeles/Paris) is a dark, moody synth-industrial-pop at its somber best with ominously galloping beats. CARRÉ is all about conception, abstraction and distortion of reality. Stemming from a surrealistic outlook on our world, inspired by geometrical shapes and patterns, CARRÉ gives birth to an angular, edgy musical experience.
  • Low Hum (Los Angeles), the kaleidoscopic creation of artist Collin Desha, lives in a Lo-fi meets Hi-fi futurism: a mixture of oceanic tranquility, dream pop sensibilities, heavy fuzzed-out riffs juxtaposed alongside melodious synth and vocals with refreshing punch. Desha, the Hawaïan native who now resides in Los Angeles, has carved out an impressive niche in the indie rock world with his ability to compose soundscapes with subtle psychedelic arrangements and honeyed, haunting vocals.