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Safe Jazz

Safe Jazz is the imagination of perennial optimist, Jesse Schuster. Raised in Minneapolis, MN on indie rock and spazz jazz; Schuster lives in Los Angeles where he plays bass with Jean Dawson, baritone with Ill Peach, and wears a glued-on mustache playing John McVie in a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band.

Vibrant and wild-minded, Safe Jazz’s electronic instrumentals bridge inspiration from LA’s beatmaker scene to London’s downtempo. Pairing sample collage with a natural capacity as a multi-instrumentalist, Safe Jazz’s music is spontaneous and emotional - at once exploding with the youthfulness of Animal Collective, and alternately turning reflective with the tenderness of The Books.

Schuster is a founding member of the collectively-run LA label Pop Can Records, along with friends and artists ill peach & Maral. He recently released his fourth Safe Jazz album, Giddy Up! through the label. Composed using snapshots of sounds captured with a zoom recorder of travels and jams with friends from 2020-2021, the album is united by movement ~ a bright springtime energy with driving rhythms and hairpin turns. Safe Jazz’s music has gained the support of BBC6, Dublab, Bandcamp, and KXLU in Los Angeles.