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Golf Alpha Bravo / Grady Strange / FAERYBABYY

Golf Alpha Bravo is the adopted moniker of Australian singer and guitarist Gab Winterfield. His is a unique brand of Surf Blues—a siren to a childhood of growing up on the coast of Sydney Australia: an eternal loop of surf, skate, Frusciante and Hendrix… and the occasional Mario Kart tournament.

He will release his debut album The Sundog LP–a play on the avant-garde musician Moondog and a reference to a weather illusion involving the sun of the same name–via his own Treasured Recordings label. “The record moves between looking inward and outward, desire and respite,” notes Gab. “I wanted to make something warm that grooves, something that’s deep enough to sink into, and bouncy enough to bop to. An epic journey from the comfort of your lounge, or the soundtrack to a long summer drive.”