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CODEPENDENCY: Feb 16 + Feb 17

    Codependency is a full length dance show that takes the space of embracing humans needing humans. It explores this generation’s faulty sense of independence and rebellion against labeling relationships, asking for help, desiring connection and honoring commitment. Negating the fact that we as humans grow and evolve the most when we have strong, nurturing, dependable relationships. Growing up with the message that “you’re not supposed to need other people” requires a lot of shame to maintain since it’s going against millions of years of human evolution and a species with a nervous system built exactly for safety, connection and relationships. Codependency explores the different, complex relationships we have and how we can experience intimacy and love without filters or contrived ideals.

    A two night performance:

    Doors 7PM

    Performance 8PM

    Producer | Director | Choreographer: Sierra Puett
    Performers | Choreographers:
    B Gosse
    Blake Miller
    Madisyn Maniff
    Tess Hewlett
    Dani Scaringe
    Cailyn Rice
    Kenzie McClure
    Nico Lonetree
    Savannah Harrison
    Lydia Purves-Ware
    Jenna Albulet
    Kat Cheng
    Maija Knapp
    Madaline Riley
    Jason Martin

    Photos: B Gosse

    Original music: Nick Truhan

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