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After Hours

Rude Core Funk: A Violet Expedition

    pUrPLe PoLiTiciAns ChiCaGo is an underground Chicago-based
    Prince music appreciation group with additional focus on royal
    rarities and projects linked to the Minneapolis funk sound.

    Mastering any instrument he chose; dancing and singing
    better than anyone who could devote their life to just 1 talent.
    Doing it all while throwing cues to his band and never
    missing a beat. His death served to remind us he was human.
    That in itself makes his achievements all the more astounding.

    A relentless work rate saw him release 39 studio albums
    under as many years since his 1978 release and debut of
    ‘For You’. That’s not even counting his many beloved and successful side projects. Barely a year passed without a major musical event taking place.

    going on 4 years since the day he left this world…

    This is a 1-nite only musical affair with royal rarities of the Minneapolis
    sound Rare and unreleased recordings from over the years with
    unpublished, uncirculating Prince material, rehearsal songs,
    outtakes, b-sides, 45’s, 12 inches and Unofficial fan club records.

    This nite is not about the popularity of what many
    around the world already know and love, but more
    about the artistic magic of his unique ability to musically
    change things up and always look forward to the next endeavor.

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