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Murge Zero

  • improv clowning experimental comedy

For five years, lunatic visionary John Gilkey directed The Murge – and was the only thing standing between it being a comedy show and chaos. Together, we re-imagined improv in LA and helped foster a fierce community of misfits and outcasts. But our beloved founder and leader has left for his own spiritual journey, leaving the inmates to run the asylum.

MURGE ZERO is the unholy rebirth of the show. Three brave groups – lead my Murge members and featuring special guests – will attempt to find a new way for the Murge to play and improvise with the audience. There are no rules. No restrictions. No good ideas. We aren’t just flirting with disaster, we are having unprotected sex with it, in the back of an El Camino, while the car careens off a cliff… and into a raging diaper fire.

If you like risk, failure and performers in constant peril, this show is for you. And, if we’re all lucky, we just might see the birth of something funny, beautiful and unexpected.

9:30-10:30pm â€ĸ every 2nd Sunday of the month @ The Clubhouse

We are:
Sethward Allison
Ian Bratschie
Lucia Brizzi
Chad Damiani
Meera Kumbhani
Kevin Krieger
Joe Mitchell
John Norris
Claire Woolner
John Wyatt

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