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OPENING: Alchemy Tunnel: An Immersive Installation by Laurie Shapiro

    ALCHEMY TUNNEL is an inviting and transformative art installation opening at Radiant Space on October 5th, 2019. Similar to repeating mantras in meditation, Laurie Shapiro uses repetitive imagery from her imagination and nature to create this cohesive and fully immersive experience.

    Shapiro - a Jewish female artist, conceptualized this sukkot-like rainbow-colored installation at the start of 2019 and has been working on it all year. “Creating artwork is meditative and healing for me; I hope people give themselves the space to find peace and clarity inside of this work,” says Shapiro of her intentions.

    The main components of this installation are six “rainbow panels” which wrap from one wall, over the ceiling, to the other wall, forming a tunnel. Each panel is a different main color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and connects as a single piece. Shapiro’s process involves screen printing drawn images, sewing, and layers of water-based paints. Lighting in this installation is sponsored by LIFX - wifi linked, color-changing bulbs which enable the landscape of ALCHEMY TUNNEL to change over seconds.

    A mini bazaar will house limited edition prints, handmade goods by the artist, and behind-the-scenes documentation. Hollywood screenwriter, director, and photographer Pen Densham documented Shapiro’s creative journey and believes it is “An enveloping experience that touches the unconscious. It is almost like stepping into a living dream.”

    ALCHEMY TUNNEL will start its journey at Radiant Space, a multimedia gallery in Los Angeles, and from there will tour different cities. Shapiro’s work has caught the eyes of thousands. We are thrilled to have her back at Radiant Space and excited about all of the special events including sound baths, yoga classes, meals, talks, and performances curated by Olivia Mia Orozco that will all occur inside the installation.

    Open for free Saturdays 12-3pm and by appointment. Ticketed special events throughout the exhibition.

    October 11th 8:00pm- Comedy Performance with Interviews from Shapiro
    October 19th 8:00pm- La Sandunga Live Theater Performance
    October 20th 6:00pm and 7:30pm- Modular Sound Baths
    November 13th- 8:00pm- Gaudi Themed Vegan Spanish Meal
    November 16th 8:00pm- Georgi Kay Musical Performance

    October 5th- November 23rd

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