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OPENING: Maggi Hodge Painting Exhibition - Women, Chaos and X

    Women, Chaos and X is a thematic collection of Intuitive paintings by Maggi Hodge that explores the relationships shared between women in today’s world, the chaos of that world, and X, a symbol stretching in between the possible and the forbidden.

    Hodge examines our politically, emotionally and sexually chaotic world with bold brushstrokes; rich, dynamic color; and raw, unfettered gestures. A powerful grace within each canvas speaks to the compliment of chaos, the beauty of disorder, and the subsequent birth of the latent creativity within.

    Woven into this exploration is the question, “What does it mean to be a woman in today’s shifting society while juggling multiple roles and engage a balance between power and nurturing? Hodge’s representations of the feminine reflect the emotionality and mysteries of the female: powerful, vulnerable, ecstatic, sad.

    These myriad layers of the feminine state engage oppositions historically and culturally represented by the letter X. At once affirming and negating, an expression of acceptance and then rejection, X not only protects, it exposes. It’s hot and cold nature reflects both the female state and the chaos it confronts on a daily basis. X presents a curious dichotomy, hinting at the many complexities of a letter designed to amuse us with many contradictory connotations. Maggi’s visionary canvases are presented in their uninhibited form, and uniquely “raw’ state, emphasizing her spontaneous expression.

    Photographer and friend, Laura Hull shares, “Maggi Hodge’s Women, Chaos and X paintings are exhilarating, heartbreaking, challenging, and wild. Hodge’s canvases hold nothing back. They express an ability to fully engage us, never precious, and truly unique.”

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