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Frontier Tween: A Live-Table Read Event

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Frontier tween Tilly Mulch’s life on the untamed prairie is a constant adventure. From helping her God-fearing Ma and her poor sick Pa on the farm, to scheming with her frontier friends Billy and Nell, Tilly hardly has a moment to work on her life’s passion: her writing. Will Tilly win the poetry contest and get to travel to the city to see all the two-story buildings? Will Pa’s case of the shrivels do him in? Will Nell finally earn her Knot Hero badge from the Frontiersman Club? Find out this season on Frontier Tween!

Frontier Tween is Team Coco’s new scripted comedy podcast, an off-the-rails Laura Ingalls Wilder-esque memoir written and directed by the all-female team of Jen Jackson, Louisa Kellogg, and Katy Yeiser, creators of The Onion’s #1-on-iTunes “A Very Fatal Murder”. Cast: Maria Bamford, Kerri Kenney, Mary Sohn, Tim Baltz, Jen Jackson, and Conan O’Brien. Also starring: Tim Meadows, Fortune Feimster, and James Adomian. “Frontier Tween” debuts September 24th on Luminary.

Join us on Tuesday, September 10th for an advance preview of the first two episodes starring Maria Bamford, Tim Baltz, Kerri Kenney, Jen Jackson and more.

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