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Linear Symphony (Night 1)

    VOCAL x Safety Third Productions x Linear Sympathy:
    Linear Sympathy is an immersive, made for camera experience, which features a deconstructed dance film. Concentrated on a processed-based oscillating temporality, Linear Sympathy grants the viewer a multiplicity of simultaneous cinematic interpretations as thumping club beats draw the audience into the dance.

    LINEAR SYMPATHY blurs the line between screen dance and performance. The Steadicam operator and photographer are both part of the show, as are the crew, designers, and the director, whose voice is live mic-ed. Our aim is to invite the audience into our creative process through transparency and inclusion. Two projectors allow the audience to see what is being captured through every lens in real time, so in addition to the live show, they are able to see the cinematic reality of the roving Steadicam, as well as the kinetic, frozen moments of dance captured by the still photographer. But since it is all happening live, no one really knows what will happen. Come join us and find out!

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