Nothing Cheezy (Opening Night)

    We know that art openings are usually free, and we’ve ensured that the art gallery portion of the Nothing Cheezy experience is 100% free forever and always (though limited by our fire safety capacity to under 100 ppl at a time), including opening night. So if you want to view the hottest pizza art in LA, and merchandise to match, you will be able to do that for free on opening night and many weeks afterward.

    That said, a big difference between Nothing Cheezy and the other art experiences we’ve built over the last decade is our ticketed tour of the kitchen.

    It costs a lot to run and we are adamantly paying the artists royalties for their work, out of each ticket sale. So FOR OPENING NIGHT ONLY, we are introducing a “pay what you can” option for friends and family. It includes no complimentary pizza, beer, or merch, but it helps us keep the show inclusive, so please take advantage of this option if needed, and you can buy those extras a la carte. But, if you have $18 for a full ticket ($22 for opening night), the value for opening night is worth much more than that.


    • First look ever at the crazy pizza kitchen our 13 installation artists have been building
    • DJs and Live Music (Talent TBA)
    • A bar!
    • Complimentary Delicious Pizza to ticketholders of “Just a Slice” options or higher
    • Exclusive merchandise giveaways from Pizzaboyzzz
    • Think Tank Membership and Pizzaboyzzz enamel pin limited release drops
    • Interactive buildouts
    • Arcades in a trippy, Skid Rowkyo Chuck E. Cheeze
    • Performance art TBA

    Please also check back here and our Instagram for a bigtime announcement on opening night performances. It’s gunna be a good one.

    SHOW UP EARLY! The experience goes in one direction only, and has a limited capacity. At the end of the tour, you’ll be able to hang and party in multiple indoor and outdoor lounges.

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