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Spoken Word

Waxing Poetic - Stand-Up and Spoken Word Poetry Show

    Waxing Poetic is a show where comedians hit your funny bone, poets pull your heartstrings, and everyone feels better. Come for a night filled with laughter, sorrow, thoughtfulness, reflection, and everything in between.

    Stand-Up By:

    Morgan Jay (NBC’s Bring The Funny)

    Biniam Bizuneh (Comedy Central)

    Poetry By:

    Aida Gianatasio (@aidaornothingatall)

    Derek Brown (@derek.d.brown)

    Josh Call (#verbalthursday on @whatsajoshcall)

    + Live DJ Yeiba

    wax-poetic. Verb. (third-person singular simple present waxes poetic, present participle waxing poetic, simple past and past participle waxed poetic) To become increasingly verbose. (often pejorative) To speak in an increasingly verbose manner, as if constructing poetry.

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