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The Comedy Bureau's Most Wanted List

  • stand up comedy improv sketch comedy

The Comedy Bureau’s Most Wanted List: For almost a decade, The Comedy Bureau has been faithfully serving the city of Los Angeles as a crucial pillar of its comedy scene. Every night and day, they’ve provided everything you need to know about comedy in every discipline in and out throughout LA (and beyond) and have become one of LA comedy’s most respected institutions.

Tonight, the creator and director of The Comedy Bureau himself, Jake Kroeger, will provide an evening of their most wanted performers (i.e. their absolute favorite comedians from all corners of comedy) that it would be criminal to miss.

Lineup: James Austin Johnson (Host) with Frankie Quinones, Billy Wayne Davis, Carl Tart, Sean Patton, Jake Kroeger, & WILD IMPROV with Amanda Bonar, Molly Doan, Meg Joh, Cara Meyers, Allyson Phillips & Jessica Svendsgaard!

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