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'My American Uncle' (1980)

    Screening of ‘My American Uncle’ (1980), dir. Alain Resnais, feat. introduction by Jim Hosney

    In this unconventional French film, renowned writer/philosopher Henri Laborit (portraying himself) presents three stories that illustrate the complexities of human behavior. René (Gérard Depardieu) is a man from humble farming roots who becomes manager at a textile factory and must contend with the pressures of the job. Meanwhile, Janine (Nicole Garcia), an actress turned stylist, is involved in an affair with Jean (Roger Pierre), a politician and aspiring writer who faces difficulties at home.
    Release date: January 1, 1980 (USA)
    Director: Alain Resnais

    The film will be introduced by Jim Hosney, former “Distinguished Scholar in Residence” and lecturer at AFI and teacher at Crossroads and the Westlake School.

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