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50 First Stephs

  • silverlake east hollywood experimental comedy

Well people really seem to like doing impressions of me, so here you all go… 50 FIRST STEPHS, 50 comics doing their best “Steph Tolev’.

There will be different categories, dumb prizes, followed by a dance party…pretty much the stupidest thing ever but HOW FUN!!

Here are a few people doing me so far…

Kyle Kinane, Deb DiGiovanni, Beth Stelling, Nicole Byer, Jak Knight, Moses Storm, Dave Ross, Zack Noe Towers, Caleb Synan, Jame Loftus, Amy Miller, Curtis Cook, Ever Mainard, Ahamed Weinberg, Chris Fairbanks, James Austin Johnson, Anna Seregina, Jack Robichaud, Chris Charpentier, Babs Gray, Julia Hladcowitz, Matt O’Brien, Joe Kwazcala, Brad Wenzel, Josh Adam Meyers, Robby Hoffman, Bri Pruett, Garrick Bernard, Amber Nelson, Candice Thompson, Jordan Doll, Brad Gage, Danny Palumbo and Daniel Webb as MY MOM.

*donations bucket and everything goes towards Jason Saenz

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